Hovde Foundation Announces New Partnership in Mexico

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – JUL 17 2012. The Hovde Foundation announces a new partnership at its ‘Casa Hovde’ in Mexico City.  After being run for six years by Programa Niños de la Calle, on July 17 Casa Hovde turned over management to another Mexican NGO, Ministerios de Amor, which operates nine other homes for street children in Mexico.

Casa Hovde Mexico will be converted into a home for girls, complete with schooling on site.  Sixty girls aged four to sixteen will move in on July 30th, coming from Ministerios de Amor’s other programs and homes.

Ministerios de Amor was founded by Maria Cecilia Blanchet Pezet in 1987 to serve homeless children throughout Mexico, and currently raises all funding in Mexico.  It recently started a small consumer goods business that will contribute to its long term sustainability.  This business-minded approach and historical success with local fundraising were the key factors in Hovde’s decision to select Ministerios de Amor as its new partner.

About the Hovde Foundation: Founded in 1998 and based in Washington DC, the Hovde Foundation assists neglected, abused, and vulnerable children around the world. 

Hovde Foundation partner named beneficiary of 2012 Stop Modern Slavery Walk

Washington, DC – JUN 19 2012. As a co-host of the 2012 Stop Modern Slavery (SMS) Walk, the Hovde Foundation announced that its Hovde House partner, Challenging Heights, will be one of 15 financial beneficiaries of the event. Challenging Heights is a nonprofit children’s rights organization in Ghana that rescues, rehabilitates, educates, and protects children who are involved in forced labor, as well as those at risk of being trafficked. With the DC SMS walk expecting over 4,000 walkers, Challenging Heights hopes to raise $20,000 in order to scale up its anti-trafficking efforts.

James Kofi Annan, Executive Director of Challenging Heights, is a former child slave who is now on the frontlines defending the rights of children and rescuing those in captivity. Challenging Heights is unique in its multifaceted approach to ending child slavery including its recently opened “Hovde House”, which provides shelter for 65 survivors of child slavery. Funded by the Hovde Foundation, this Hovde House is the first point of refuge for rescued children, offering a transitional home for holistic rehabilitation, survivor support, aftercare, and love.

Human trafficking is one of the fastest-growing illicit industries, with an estimated 27 million people enslaved worldwide. Local and international organizations will join Challenging Heights at the National Monument on Saturday, September 29, 2012 to raise awareness and funds for the anti-slavery movement.

To support Challenging Heights, please visit www.smswalk.org, click Register to Walk and sign up under the Challenging Heights team. As an extra incentive to recruit walkers, the Hovde Foundation will award the top individual recruiter with a 7-10 day all-expense paid trip to Ghana to experience the need for these critical efforts to rescue and rehabilitate survivors.  Find more details on the Stop Modern Slavery Walk website, under Hovde Award.


MENASHA, WI – APR 12 2012. The Hovde Foundation presented Fox Valley charity LEAVEN (Limited Emergency Assistance Valley Ecumenical Network) with a $10,000 matching grant for its Needy Children’s Fund.  LEAVEN was selected to receive this grant because of its history of collaboration and efficiency in assisting people in need.

LEAVEN is a community based non-profit organization that provides emergency financial assistance, referrals to other service agencies and coordination to avoid duplication of services for residents of Calumet, Outagamie and Northeastern Winnebago counties.   LEAVEN has pursued its mission of care and service since 1987, founded by local faith-based organizations, businesses, government agencies, community leaders and others to meet emergency financial needs of community members. The organization works through volunteers to assist people in crisis who have basic needs that cannot be met elsewhere, primarily for housing, utilities and transportation

The Hovde Foundation’s mission is to help vulnerable people, especially children.  Its founder, Eric Hovde, commented, “We are proud to partner with, and invest in LEAVEN because of its innovative program that leverages resources and brings the community together to serve those facing hardships.”

LEAVEN’s supporters responded generously to this matching grant opportunity, which quickly exceeded $10,000.  Executive Director Jennifer Wanke says she is grateful for the generosity of the Hovde Foundation for providing this opportunity and attributes the successful fundraising to the community’s capacity and willingness to care.  Wanke added that supporters appreciate LEAVEN’s business model, which utilizes well-trained volunteers to do meaningful work, keeps administrative costs very low, partners with faith communities and other agencies to address basic needs, and collaborates with government and the private sector to ensure efficient use of all available resources.

For additional information, please visit www.focol.org/leaven


DC Stop Modern Slavery Announces Ghana Trip as Award for 2012 Walk

WASHINGTON DC, 10 APR 2012– Stop Modern Slavery (DC SMS) has announced that the person who recruits the most people for his or her 2012 Stop Modern Slavery Walk team will win a trip to witness anti-slavery work being done in Ghana. The Hovde Foundation — a funding partner of Challenging Heights’ rehabilitation shelter in Ghana — is sponsoring the prize.

DC SMS will host the 2012 Stop Modern Slavery Walk on Saturday, Sept. 29 on the National Mall. The one-mile walk aims to increase awareness about human trafficking and unite anti-slavery constituents in the government, non-governmental agencies and the general public. The walk also aims to raise funds for non-profit organizations that are active in the anti-slavery movement.

More than 2,000 people participated in last year’s walk, and the effort raised nearly $100,000.

Joe Flippin, director of the 2012 walk, said DC SMS was thankful for the Hovde Foundation’s “generous gift” of sponsoring the seven- to 10-day trip to Ghana, where the foundation has a rehabilitation home for former slaves. He said the award would help bring new energy and foster active participation in the anti-slavery movement.

Since 2011, the Hovde House near Winneba, Ghana has served as a place of refuge for children rescued from slavery. Since 2009, the foundation also has supported Challenging Heights — an organization founded by former child slave James Kofi Annan, now a global leader in the anti-slavery movement.

Jeffrey Boyd — executive director of the Hovde Foundation – said, “We’re offering this prize as an incentive for participants to raise more funds and awareness for the event. The deserving winner will get a unique, firsthand perspective on the incredible work being done in Ghana to end slavery.”

For the 2012 walk, DC SMS encourages active participation and walker recruitment among people not currently involved in the anti-slavery movement, including students, area professionals, community volunteers, and stay-at-home parents.

The winner will be announced during the walk program. Paid staff of walk partner organizations, Stop Modern Slavery members, and host committee members are ineligible for the award. More information about the walk can be found at walk.stopmodernslavery.org.

Human trafficking is one of the fastest-growing illicit industries, with an estimated 27 million people enslaved worldwide. According to the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Public Affairs, modern-day slavery exists in several forms, including forced or coerced labor, involuntary domestic servitude, sex trafficking and child sex trafficking — among other types.
DC SMS began in 2004 as a small group of concerned citizens and has grown into an action-oriented group of volunteers with more than 1,000 members devoted to ending modern-day slavery. For more information on DC SMS, please visit www.walk.stopmodernslavery.org.



MILWAUKE, WI – APR 6 2012. The House of Love Youth Homes, Inc. was awarded a $25,000 grant from The Hovde Foundation for the renovation of a house to serve young women in its independent living program.

House of Love Youth Homes, Inc. is a Christian-based organization that prepares youth to lead self-sufficient lives by providing the loving family environment that they’ve been missing.   This is accomplished through group homes and independent living support programs.   Having overcome some of the same obstacles faced by today’s youth, founder Julette Wade was inspired to create House of Love Youth Homes in 2000 to help young women in foster care, as well as those who have aged out of the system.

“We wish to express our thanks to The Hovde Foundation for their generous support.” – Julette Wade

The Hovde Foundation is best known for its “Hovde Houses” which provide transitional housing and supportive services to vulnerable children, both locally and abroad. Along with a $20,000 matching grant for the completion of this house, the Hovde Foundation issued an additional $5,000 bonus to House of Love for reaching their $20,000 fundraising goal in less than two months.

“We are proud to collaborate with a team of such passionate individuals whose goal is to love these young people and ensure their continued success in life. “ – Eric Hovde, Founder of The Hovde Foundation

For more information on The Hovde Foundation, visit www.hovdefoundation.org or keep up to date on Facebook.