Hovde Foundation Announces New Partnership in Mexico

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – JUL 17 2012. The Hovde Foundation announces a new partnership at its ‘Casa Hovde’ in Mexico City.  After being run for six years by Programa Niños de la Calle, on July 17 Casa Hovde turned over management to another Mexican NGO, Ministerios de Amor, which operates nine other homes for street children in Mexico.

Casa Hovde Mexico will be converted into a home for girls, complete with schooling on site.  Sixty girls aged four to sixteen will move in on July 30th, coming from Ministerios de Amor’s other programs and homes.

Ministerios de Amor was founded by Maria Cecilia Blanchet Pezet in 1987 to serve homeless children throughout Mexico, and currently raises all funding in Mexico.  It recently started a small consumer goods business that will contribute to its long term sustainability.  This business-minded approach and historical success with local fundraising were the key factors in Hovde’s decision to select Ministerios de Amor as its new partner.

About the Hovde Foundation: Founded in 1998 and based in Washington DC, the Hovde Foundation assists neglected, abused, and vulnerable children around the world.