Hovde Houses

What is a Hovde House? Hovde Houses are transitional homes that provide shelter, supportive services, and love to vulnerable children. They primarily support those who live on the streets, but also those needing a safe home while their sexual abusers are brought to justice (Peru) or those rescued from slavery (Ghana). Each house, with average capacity of 40-50 children, is operated by a carefully-selected local partner with experience caring for children in crisis in its community.

 Our Vision

Our vision is to build hope and change lives by loving the world’s vulnerable children, seeing them laughing and smiling again, knowing they are safe, valued, and loved.

Building Hope – By providing a safe place for children to call home, even temporarily, and providing them with opportunities to grow and learn, we are building hope in kids who previously had none.

Bringing Change – We aim to build 20 new Hovde Houses over two decades, focusing on the Americas and Africa. These houses will impact the lives of thousands of children worldwide, and even entire communities, given the trickle-down effect of lasting change.

Loving Vulnerable Children – There is nothing more beautiful than the smile of a child simply being a child, knowing he is safe and loved. We partner with local organizations to operate each Hovde House, where the children live in a structured and loving environment. Basic needs like safety, meals, education, health care, as well as counseling and job skills training are provided.

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