ALALAY was born in 1990 after Claudia Gonzales, the current Executive Director, befriended a homeless boy who slept under a fountain in front of her university. He told her about life on the streets and she gave him food and clothing. The stories he told touched her heart and inspired her to create an organization dedicated to helping street children recuperate their lives. The name “Alalay” means “I feel cold” in Aymara and was chosen by the children to represent the countless nights spent outside in the cold.

In Bolivia, approximately 7 of every 10 children are abused in their homes, schools and places of work. With no where else to go, these children try to escape their situations by turning to the streets to fend for themselves. Almost a quarter of Bolivia’s total population are homeless children.

In partnership with the Maestro Cares and Marta Bedoya de Claure Foundations, the Hovde Foundation is working with ALALAY to get children off the streets and into a loving home. Officially called “Casa Hovde: Marta Bedoya de Claure”, the Hovde Home will annually benefit 30 young street girls that are victims of sex-trafficking, prostitution, and street violence. It is a transitional home and a place of refuge for the girls to recover from their trauma and lead healthy, happy lives. The Hovde Home opened in February of 2019.

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