Many of the 1.8 million Ghanaian youth who are engaged in child labor are trafficked to Lake Volta to work in the fishing industry. The founder of Challenging Heights, James Kofi Annan, was one of these children. In 2007, he established Challenging Heights to fight against child trafficking and protect children’s rights. Now one of the largest and most well-recognized anti-trafficking organizations in West Africa, Challenging Heights rescues and rehabilitates children in forced labor, works to prevent child trafficking through education and community economic empowerment programs, and advocates for child rights at the local, national and international levels.

Completed in the fall of 2011, the Challenging Heights’ Hovde Home was built as a transitional home and the first point of refuge for rescued children. Here, they receive care, survivor support, and undergo holistic rehabilitation. To date, the Hovde Home has supported over 300 children. Hovde Home staff also reintegrate children with their families to help them rebuild their lives together and work with communities to protect the freedom of at-risk children.

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