One of the founding objectives of the Hovde Foundation is funding research to cure Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This debilitating disease affects around 2.3 million people worldwide, with approximately 200 new cases identified weekly in the US alone.  Diagnosed with the disease in 1991, Eric Hovde was driven to join the fight against MS.  For more than 25 years, Eric Hovde has given his financial resources and his time to tackle this issue.  He has served in leadership positions on the board of directors of several MS-related organizations, including the National MS Society, MS International Federation, and The Myelin Repair Project. In partnership with the National MS Society, Eric was also instrumental in launching Fast Forward LLC, an innovative initiative by the Society to speed up treatment availability to those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Through the Hovde Foundation and personal contributions, Eric Hovde and Steve Hovde have donated more than $2 million to Multiple Sclerosis research, and they will keep giving until a cure is found.

The Hovde Foundation provides on-going support to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which serves as a conduit of knowledge and resources for researchers and families affected by MS. Recently, the Society received a grant from the Hovde Foundation to expand its wellness program. Details about the Society’s expanded wellness solutions can be found in the Summer 2016 Quarterly Research Update.  For additional information about the benefits that living a healthy lifestyle can have on those living with MS, please check out the latest issue of the MS Connection newsletter.