During an internship in 2009, two recent U.S. college graduates, Megan Chao (then Swanson) and Hillary Anderson, befriended several boys living on the streets of Kigali, Rwanda. Months later, comfortably settled back into their lives in Seattle, Megan and Hillary learned that their young friends were imprisoned simply because street children are considered a nuisance to the community. Impassioned to rescue the boys from jail, Megan and Hillary returned to Kigali. Local law dictated that the boys could only be released if they had a home in which they would be cared for so Megan and Hillary rented a small house as a safe-haven for the boys. Thus, Hope for Life Ministry was born.

The Hovde Foundation partnered with Hope for Life Ministry (HFLM) in 2011 to build a permanent housing solution. The “Swanson Hovde Home” was thus so named in honor of co-founder Megan Chao and Jason Swanson (no relation), who made a sizable grant to the project through the Hovde Foundation.

Hope for Life Ministry focuses on holistic and long-term care by providing physical, emotional, relational and spiritual support. The boys are also given the opportunity to attend school and vocational training. Through loving care and spiritual healing, the 32 children who live there are now thriving.

Given the success of HFLM’s programming over the years, they recently decided to expand and renovate their campus. HFLM is building an administrative building for staff offices, a library, a computer lab, training rooms, and guest rooms. This will allow the other buildings to be used exclusively for children’s housing.

The Hovde Foundation is funding the construction of a second boy’s home in order to help HFLM serve even more children. Here an additional 32 boys will receive the love and care they need to transition out of homelessness and extreme poverty. The construction of the new boys’ home was completed at the end of 2022, and the Administrative building is estimated to be completed by the end of 2023.

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