Hovde Home: Ghana

An estimated 1.8 million youth are engaged in child labor in Ghana. Many children are trafficked to Lake Volta where they are forced to work in the fishing industry.  Himself a former child slave at Lake Volta, James Kofi Annan knows the plight these children face in bondage and after they are liberated. He founded Challenging Heights in 2007 to protect these children’s rights and combat forced child labor. Now one of the largest and most well-recognized anti-trafficking organizations in West Africa, Challenging Heights rescues, rehabilitates, and advocates for child slaves and those at risk of being trafficked. The Challenging Heights’ Hovde Home is a transitional home and the first point of refuge for rescued children.  Here they undergo holistic rehabilitation, survivor support, aftercare, and love!  Join James Kofi Annan and his team at Challenging Heights in their efforts to eradicate child slavery in Ghana.

For additional information about volunteer programs in Ghana, contact Jeff Boyd at jeff@challengingheights.org.


Hovde Home: Peru

Peru has one of the highest rates of child violence and sexual abuse in the world. The ‘Casa del Buen Trato Hovde’ (the Hovde Home of Good Treatment) serves one of the most vulnerable communities in the country by providing temporary shelter, recovery, and reintegration services to the young women and girls who have suffered abuse.  While these children are under protection in the Hovde Home, our partner organization, Nuevo Amanecer Juntos, works with local authorities to fight in court for justice against their abusers.  Join the team at the Casa del Buen Trato Hovde in providing much-needed care, hope, and love to these children.

For additional information about volunteer programs in Peru, contact info@hovdefoundation.org