Building hope. Bringing change.
Loving the world’s most vulnerable children.

There is nothing more beautiful than the smile of a child simply being a child, knowing he is safe and loved.

With this in mind, The Eric D. and Steven D. Hovde Foundation has focused on building Hovde Houses, housing for homeless and other vulnerable children. Founded in 1998 with two principal objectives- to help people in crisis (especially children), and to fund research towards a cure for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)- the foundation currently has one Hovde House in the USA (Wisconsin), three in Latin America, and three in Africa; our aim is to have twenty Hovde Houses over the next twenty years.

Hear the Hovde Story

VIDEO: Eric Hovde talks about the history of the Hovde Foundation and his own heart for helping those in need, especially vulnerable children.

Huanuco, Peru

VIDEO: Visit the Hovde House in Huanuco, Peru, and hear about how the Hovde Foundation is partnering with Paz y Esperanza to rescue and rehabilitate child victims of sexual abuse.

Contributing to a Cure

Learn how we’re aiding today’s top medical minds in the search for a cure to Multiple Sclerosis.