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Malawi: Pothawira International

Partner in Malawi since 2015

Socioeconomic Context

62% of the population lives in extreme poverty, and the infant mortality rate is very high, with 56 deaths of children under 5 years per 1000 live births. That’s 1 of every 18 children under 5 years old (UNICEF, 2023).

What We Fund

The children’s homes at Pothawira provide holistic family-based care. The Hovde Foundation partnered with the Global Orphan Project in 2015 to build an additional duplex to house a total of 120 children. The Hovde Foundation also provided the infrastructure required connect to Pothawira to the electric grid, built a perimeter wall for security, and funded the maize/rice mill initiative to promote revenue generation.

About Our Partner

Pothawira’s mission is to transform Malawi by addressing the needs of the community through a comprehensive approach that addresses both physical and spiritual aspects. Named after the Chichewa term for “Safe Haven,” Pothawira is a multifaceted community initiative located near Salima. It offers healthcare, education, orphan support, and economic sustainability programs. These services aim to empower, educate, equip, and enable community members to improve their lives and contribute to their community. The clinic serves approximately 200 to 300 individuals daily, while nearly 400 children receive formal education, and 120 children live in duplex homes as part of 10-person families.

To learn more please visit Pothawira International’s official site

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Group of kids walking home after school in Malawi
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