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Rwanda: Hope for Life

Partner in Rwanda since 2011

Socioeconomic Context

In Rwanda, there are approximately 7,000 street children and about 65,000 children living in minor-headed households (UNICEF).

What We Fund

The “Swanson Hovde Home” was built in 2011 to offer housing to and holistic care to boys living on the streets of Kigali. In 2022, Hovde Foundation built a second boy’s home to help Hope for Life serve even more children. Today, Hope for Life has the capacity to house 64 children and help them successfully transition out of homelessness. Youth and families are empowered to heal and reunify through programming that includes education, physical and mental health services, faith formation, and family reconciliation.

About Our Partner

Hope for Life enables young people and families to overcome homelessness by providing long-term solutions that focus on healing and reunification. They employ comprehensive, family-oriented, and trauma-informed initiatives to support each individual’s distinct path from street living to successful reintegration. Their three core programs include the transit center program, the family support and monitoring, and the family economic empowerment program. Each year, Hope for Life impacts over 100 children and their families.

To learn more please visit Hope For Life’s official site:

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