By engaging in dynamic and relationship-driven philanthropy, The Hovde Foundation strives to support individuals and initiatives driving positive change within our community.

We are dedicated to financing and cultivating programs that can achieve measurable results in their specific objectives. We support U.S.-based organizations that deliver local impact and prioritize giving to nonprofits located and serving the state of Wisconsin.

Photo of downtown Madison, Wisconsin


U.S. grant applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a nonprofit with a 501(c)(3) tax filing status.

  2. Align with our mission and vision.

  3. Have a programmatic fit with one or more of our focus areas:
    • Providing holistic care to children in crisis.

    • Equipping youth for success as adults.

    • Enhancing the effectiveness and resilience of nonprofit partners.
  4. Submit a complete grant application.

  5. If awarded funding, complete an annual grant report.

What We Do Not Fund

While not an exhaustive list, we generally do not fund the following:

  1. Art

  2. Scholarships

  3. Endowments

  4. Political campaigns or candidates

  5. Events (e.g., fundraisers, conferences, workshops)

  6. Individual assistance
Photo of group of kids in front of a van with a graphic saying Munch - Mobile Lunch

Grant Process

Grant applications are accepted by invitation only, but you are welcome to introduce yourself by contacting us. If interested in learning more, we will contact you to follow up.