The Hovde Foundation is committed to establishing lasting partnerships and collaborations to address the needs of vulnerable children at the local level.

We carefully select nonprofit partners that have the expertise and proven track record in understanding and successfully navigating societal issues to meet children’s needs. We prioritize partnerships with organizations that collaborate with the private sector, national governments, public institutions, and international allies to strengthen existing in-country systems.

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We direct private capital towards programs that support vulnerable children and enhance the effectiveness and resilience of our nonprofit partners. Our funding is typically unrestricted within an overall project budget.

Photo of Pothawira Academy's Director in front of school building

We actively cultivate robust connections with like-minded funders to exchange knowledge and leverage co-funding. Our adaptable approach enables us to back initiatives and bridge funding gaps, with the goal of unlocking additional resources and expanding our overall reach. Strategic partnerships allow us to maximize efficiency and enhance impact.

By working together, we bring about lasting and sustainable change in the lives of the children who need it most.

Our Focus

These principles set the stage for our giving strategy.


We focus our giving on improving the lives of children who have suffered abuse and lack proper care from a loving, responsible adult.


We give to secular and non-secular nonprofits.


We value leaders that have an inherent desire and unwavering commitment to help others, that are ethical, honest, and operate with integrity.


We believe that locally led organizations are the best positioned to meet the needs of their community because they are physically present, they have an inherent desire to uplift their neighbors, and they understand the customs and culture.


We prioritize giving geographically in Latin America, Africa, and domestically in the state of Wisconsin.

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