The Road Home Dane County (The Road Home) is committed to the empowerment and long-term success of homeless families with children. Established in 1999, The Road Home works with local faith-based organizations, government agencies and the community to address immediate homelessness as well as to facilitate the development of skills, resources, and relationships ensure a future with affordable, stable housing.  Around 150 families each year directly benefit from The Road Home’s services.

In 2009, The Road Home launched their Housing & Hope program, a scattered-site affordable housing initiative. Four existing eight-unit apartment buildings were purchased in mixed-income neighborhoods, close to bus lines and with easy access to a grocery store. Two of the buildings are in one neighborhood and the other two in another. Each of the units were upgraded, and one unit in each pair of buildings was converted into a community room and case management office. The units are rented to homeless families at a reduced cost as they work to attain self-sustainability.

The first apartment building that opened is lovingly called a “Hovde Home” in honor of Don Hovde, Eric and Steve Hovde’s father. Don, who grew up on the North side of Madison, dedicated his life and work to building lasting communities in Madison and through the United States. The Hovde Foundation is proud to be a major contributor to the Housing & Hope Apartments in continuance of Don’s vision by facilitating the provision of safe, affordable housing and case management to homeless families with children.

To learn more about The Road Home, please visit www.trhome.org.